The Goodwin Advantage – Terrestrial Archaeology

Cultural Resource Management Services Throughout the US by RC Goodwin

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. offers a large, interdisciplinary staff; extensive compliance experience; and rigorous quality-assurance protocols. Our firm is noted for its ability to mobilize quickly, to execute work fully, and to meet challenging schedules effectively and professionally while limiting the use of sub-contractors, even during surge periods. Our teams apply new generation technologies to support our clients’ needs.

The Terrestrial Archaeology Division is managed to anticipate and to be responsive to customer needs. Our experienced teams focus on productivity, on accuracy, and on building a careful record of accomplishment that supports our compliance efforts while building on the record of America’s past. Safety and Quality Assurance Programs are applied to every project. Because of the breadth of our training and experience, our archaeologists provide Local Knowledge on a Global Scale.

Cultural Resource Management ServicesCultural Resource Management Services