Architectural & Historical Services Division – Overview

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive services nationwide in architectural history and history related to the identification, documentation, planning, and treatment of heritage resources. Our decades of experience in the successful execution of architectural surveys, resource assessments, resource management plans, and mitigation measures have supported project compliance with state and federal historic preservation requirements ranging from single building evaluations and certified rehabilitations to nationwide treatment programs involving thousands of historic properties. Our record of accomplishment includes successful projects throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and as far as Iceland.

Our teams of historians and architectural historians exceed the qualification standards established by the Secretary of the Interior in their respective fields (36 CFR 61); all are trained and experienced in the requirements of local, state, and federal historic preservation laws, regulations, and technical standards. Our in-house expertise, logistical acumen, and vigorous quality control program are complemented by the latest innovative technologies. We provide cost-effective and timely solutions to complex projects including agency-wide resource management programs, disaster response, and large-scale energy projects.

We are proud of our ability to support our clients fully in navigating the compliance process under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended. Our exceptional and tested record of consultation support extends from definition of the undertaking through the negotiation and preparation of complex agreement documents (MOA, PA) to the execution of measures to avoid, limit, or mitigate effects to historic properties. Our portfolio of work in architectural history and history includes local and state-level investigations, as well as nationwide studies in support of a variety of federal agencies.

Architectural & Historical Services