Planning, Development, and Infrastructure Services

In addition to the energy sector, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. has helped to plan, permit, and develop infrastructure projects across the country, ranging from planned unit developments in suburban settings to urban revitalization efforts; from roads, bridges, and highways to locks, dams, canals, and harbor and channel improvements; and from civilian airfields and runways to port facilities and cell tower, communications, and radar facilities, some in secure environments. Each of our offices has regional specialization and is conversant with state and local regulatory frameworks, as well as with the parameters of federal cultural resource management law. We provide our expertise to all kinds of agencies, and to planners and developers, at all stages of work from conceptual design and due diligence to mitigation of adverse affects. Our senior staff provide expert witness services to our clients, as well as public testimony on behalf of applicants facing the challenges of tasteful and appropriate rehabilitation or development in historic areas. The Goodwin team is noted for its service in providing cultural resources services for many of our nation’s critical flood control and levee structures, notably along the Mississippi River and its tributaries and along the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers.