Health & Safety – Overview

While many companies merely comply with health and safety standards and regulations, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. is actively committed to the goal of Zero Lost Time. To achieve this goal, our Safety Health and Logistics Program (SHaLP) provides simple yet robust policies, protocols, and guidelines. This program is administered by our Corporate Health and Safety Manager, a team of Regional Health and Safety Managers (RHSMs), and Site Safety Coordinators (SSCs). It is proudly accepted and embodied at all levels of the Corporation.

Our health and safety management practice is both behavior and people based, modeled after programs from industry leaders, including the DuPont S.T.O.P. program. Because R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. is a family-oriented business, we teach our employees that good health and proper safe practice start at home and carry through the work day, during which employees hold each other accountable, together, for everyone’s good health and proper safety. Employees are subject to a regimen of pre-employment screening including Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) review, background checks, and drug and alcohol testing. New employees are provided a mentor and complete a comprehensive syllabus of training.

Our Nautical Archaeology Division conducts its practice under the SHaLP. It also maintains department specific policies, protocols, and guidelines. Pursuant to guidelines and requirements set forth by the United States Coast Guard and with strong commitment to the standards established by a variety of agencies including the United States Navy, our Nautical Archaeology program undertakes its mission with good health and safe practice at the vanguard.