Safety Health and Logistics Program (SHaLP)

At R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., proper safety and good health are interwoven with and inseparable from our business. We are guided by two principles:

Good health and proper safety are behaviors to be practiced
everywhere and all the time.

Employee safety is not secured by check boxes on forms.


Proper safe practice and good health are fostered through a comprehensive program that is founded on appropriate leadership, compassion, and training. At R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., we expect our employees to adopt and embody this behavior as examples for others. R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. has developed the Safety, Health and Logistics Program, or SHaLP. This program, administered through our Health and Safety Department in coordination with our Human Resources Department, is comprehensive in its approach. Proper safe practice and good health are our paramount behaviors. Our unique program is within the cultural resources management industry, modeled after programs designed for government agencies and major manufacturing and industrial applications. It also is tailored to our exacting needs and specifications.

The SHaLP focuses on our corporate culture: our good health, safe practice, and efficient accomplishment of goals. The objectives of the SHaLP focus personnel on five key areas:


  • Understanding the concepts of good health, safety, risks, hazards and logistics;
  • Understanding the roles and expectations of management;
  • Understanding the roles, responsibilities, assignments, and limitations of employees who work with management;
  • Understanding communication and the role, responsibility, and authority each employee has when interacting with all others regarding safe practice and good health;
  • Provision of resources, services, and facilities to managers and other personnel through the Logistics Program.


The primary goal of the SHaLP is to focus employee awareness on the hazards and associated risks that may be encountered by our personnel in all possible theatres of operation. Our SHaLP provides policies, protocols, and guidelines to direct their effort in a safe and healthful manner. The Program also guides us while we work in our offices. Each project requires a specific Health and Safety Plan (HaSP). The HaSP incorporates, by reference, all policies and procedures established in the SHaLP, while addressing the unique hazards and risks present on each job. The HaSP also includes a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). In addition, the HaSP addresses hazards present in the community where the job takes place, and it addresses vehicle hazards.