The Goodwin Advantage – Health & Safety

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. maintains a robust, formal, Safety Health and Logistics Program (SHaLP) that is embedded in every aspect of our operations. That program is both behavior and people based, and it involves rigorous training, a suite of required certifications (including Smith Systems Safe Driver Training), continuing education, and daily protocols to assure safe operations. We are the industry leader in planning for and assuring the safest possible working environment, and in inculcating our team members in the importance of working individually and together in the practice of proper safety and good health. Our Corporate Health and Safety Manager is a member of the Southern Gas Association’s Health and Safety Committee and a regular participant in industry work groups. As a Top Ten Family Friendly Business, our health and safety practice and its goal of Zero Lost Time reflect our abiding commitment to the health and safety of our people, our job sites and our clients.