Nautical Archaeology – Experience & Qualifications


Offshore Credentials

  • Offshore Water Survival HUET METS Model 5, Personnel Transfer Basket / Swing Rope
  • PEC Offshore, SEMS II, SafeGulf, SafeLandUSA, TRAP
  • USCG (Seafarer) Medical Certificates


Technical Certifications

  • Technical Diving International (Surface Supplied Diver, Tender, Air Operator, Dry Suit Diver)
  • American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Scientific Divers (Specialized Diving Mode Endorsement: Surface Supplied Diving)


Knowledge and Skills

  • Archaeological diver investigations, evaluations, and data recovery;
  • Remote Operated Vehicles archaeological investigations and assessments;
  • High resolution geophysical survey planning, operations, data processing, analysis, and archaeological interpretation;
  • Geotechnical investigations: auguring, vibratory coring, gravity coring, wet sieve, core sampling, surficial sampling, C-14 sampling, and hard rock sampling
  • Geotechnical analyses including statistical analysis, sediment magnetic susceptibility, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry preparation/analysis, micro paleontological analysis


CONUS Experience

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Atlantic Ocean (outer Continental Shelf)
  • Great Lakes
  • Intracoastal and Inland waterways
  • Nearshore (State) and Offshore (Federal) waters


OCONUS Experience

  • North Atlantic
  • English Channel
  • Baie de Siene
  • South China Sea
  • Mediterranean
  • Western Pacific