Professional Practices, Client Confidentiality, and the Goodwin Advantage

For forty years, R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. has performed services in highly competitive industries, in archaeologically sensitive areas, and in the secure military environment. Our professional practices and protocols and our company policies respect the confidentiality of our clients and their projects. In this website, we have attempted to depict the truly impressive capabilities of our firm on their merits without specific reference to the names of our clients and their projects. Any projects so noted already are in the public domain, typically through public outreach and educational efforts, as well as through the awards they have engendered.

Similarly, all of the photographs and illustrations used in this website were taken by the professional staff of Goodwin & Associates, Inc. as part of their projects or were prepared in-house by our graphics and GIS specialists. Just as we recognize our role as stewards of our nation’s heritage, we are conscious of our stewardship responsibilities to our clients’ interests, to their projects, and to their privacy.