Terrestrial Archaeology Services: Setting the Standard

At R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., we recognize that every project has different compliance needs and that each project is critically important to our clients. However, every project shares a common goal when it comes to cultural resource management – that of responsible stewardship of our nation’s heritage. For 38 years, we have been providing our clients with the highest quality technical expertise in compliance-driven archaeology. The extensive experience of our seasoned interdisciplinary staff enables us to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to cultural resource management issues and to keep our clients’ projects on track to meet their deadlines and compliance requirements.


Terrestrial archaeological services include:

  • Agency Consultation
  • Literature and Background Research
  • Archaeological and Geomorphological Predictive Models
  • Due Diligence and Planning Studies
  • Reconnaissance Surveys
  • Intensive Cultural Resources Inventories
  • Archaeological Testing and Evaluation Studies
  • Archaeological Data Recovery Studies
  • Alternative Mitigation Solutions
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Archaeological Artifact Analysis & Collections Assessments
  • Geophysical Remote Sensing Studies
  • Preservation Planning
  • Cemetery Relocation
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Nominations
  • Agreement Document Development (MoAs, PAs)
  • Public Interpretation Programs, Materials, and Electronic Media Applications
  • Educational Materials and Curriculum Modules


Section 106 Historic Preservation PlanningSection 106 Historic Preservation Planning