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Providing expert cultural resource management services for over 40 years.

Terrestrial Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology

History, Architectural History & Preservation Planning

Who We Are

Goodwin & Associates is a cultural resource management firm expert in meeting local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. We have provided comprehensive services in terrestrial archaeology, maritime archaeology and history, architectural history, and preservation planning to our clients for more than forty years. Our team of experts is distinguished by our professionalism, client orientation, and depth of experience.

Our nationwide practice is supported by full-service offices in New Orleans, Louisiana; Frederick, Maryland; and Lawrence, Kansas. We excel in cost effective solutions for large-scale, complex, multi-disciplinary projects. Our firm is known for our professional integrity, the quality of our work, and the success of our clients. All of our professional staff meet or exceed the professional qualification standards established by the Secretary of the Interior in their respective disciplines.

What We Do

Goodwin & Associates supports all phases of cultural resource management and project development from due diligence studies, to historic property identification, to the development and execution of treatment strategies for heritage resources. We support our clients through the full cultural resource compliance process from initial consultation through project approval.


Goodwin & Associates supports clients nationwide. Our clients range from local, state, and federal agencies, to the infrastructure and energy sectors, to private sector development companies. Our firm regularly supports architectural, engineering and environmental firms on projects requiring cultural resource services.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive planning, compliance, interpretation, respect, and leadership in archeology,
architectural and applied history, and in preservation planning in the United States and worldwide.

To enhance understanding of and provide appreciation of the past.

To ensure our clients’ success through professional service,
unsurpassed standards of excellence, safety, and fiscal responsibility.