Military Support

The Goodwin team has provided cultural resources services to 248 military installations nationwide, representing all branches of the military, the Army and Air National Guards, and the Department of Defense (DoD). As a contractor to the DoD Legacy Resource Management Program, we developed the training materials (books, manuals, and training films) to teach DoD professionals about cultural resources management and their responsibilities as stewards of America’s heritage. The Goodwin team also has been rated for work Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS); we have provided services in the Caribbean, Pacific Trust Territories, and in Iceland, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii. Selected to write the National Historic Context for Department of Defense Installations, the Historic Military Quarters Occupants Handbook, the Historic Context for the Army Materiel Command’s World War II Facilities, and the Historic Context for the U.S. Navy’s Guided Missile Program, it was the Goodwin team that conducted the nationwide mitigation of over 100,000 buildings representing Cold War Era Housing for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. developed the award-winning DoD initiative entitled Preserving American Military History, which included a history of military construction, a guide to historic American military sites, national and regional maps, a series of bookmarks, posters, a website, and a traveling exhibit that made its debut at the first Preserve America Summit. No other firm has our breadth of experience in or record of service to the DoD.