Goodwin & Associates, with its 40+ years of experience, is unsurpassed in cultural resources management and historic preservation services, and we serve a wide variety of sectors. Our team of professionals is highly skilled at initiating and completed projects related to maintenance and expansion of the energy sector (natural gas, oil, electrical transmission, off-shore wind, nuclear, and solar energy); implementation and completion of transportation-related projects; executing studies related to Department of Defense (DoD) clients that are responsible for America’s security; meeting obligations of state and local governments, as well as private sector developers, under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and other regulations; conducting effective disaster response; and understanding climate change and assisting with resiliency planning efforts. Our team of dedicated professionals handles these types of projects and many more.

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We are experts in permitting and conducting surveys for natural gas, liquids, and crude oil pipelines and facilities. Our work with wind and solar energy and transmission projects set Goodwin & Associates ahead in the Energy Sector.

Military Support

Goodwin & Associates is a national leader in cultural resources support and management for Department of Defense agencies.


Goodwin & Associates has completed hundreds of transportation-related projects across the country.

Government Services

We assist federal, state, and local governments to fulfill stewardship and preservation responsibilities. Our past projects spanned the US and territories.


We provide superior cultural resources services to numerous local municipalities and county-level agencies.

Private Development

We have assisted hundreds of private developers requiring regulatory and permitting compliance.

Telecommunication Services

Goodwin & Associates has completed numerous investigations for telecommunication infrastructure projects.

Disaster Response

Our team has provided key cultural resources identification, recordation, and mitigation efforts in the wake of natural disasters.

Climate Change and Resiliency

We haves the skills needed to deal with the effects of climate change on cultural resources and places of historic importance.