R. Christopher Goodwin, Ph.D., Founder

R. Christopher Goodwin, Ph.D., Founder


David George, M.A.

David George, M.A.

President & CEO

Our History

Established in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1981, Goodwin & Associates has grown to a nationwide cultural resource management firm offering comprehensive services in terrestrial and maritime archaeology, architectural history and preservation planning. Our applied knowledge of federal, state and local laws, regulations, and professional standards supports our public and private sector clients through all phases of cultural resource consultation, identification, evaluation, and treatment.

Our success is credited to the expertise of our professional staff and the quality of our management. Our winning business strategy integrates the highest professional standards with innovative technologies, adherence to the highest safety standards, and in-house staffing for investigations ranging from routine Phase I surveys to complex, multi-state projects. We are known for our depth of professional experience, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions. We take great pride in the number of our long-standing clients and client referrals.

Founded by R. Christopher Goodwin, Ph.D. (1949-2022), a nationally recognized anthropologist and archaeologist, our practice is rooted in Dr. Goodwin’s dedication to the appropriate treatment of our nation’s historic and cultural heritage. Under Dr. Goodwin’s leadership and foresight, our firm has become an industry leader in cultural resource management. That legacy continues under our current President & CEO, David George, our Board of Directors, and senior staff.

We look forward to supporting your organization in your next project.

Experience, Longevity and Safety

Goodwin & Associates is experienced in conducting complex, multi-state projects with trained GIS, lab, survey, and excavation staff. We work with the energy sector, the private sector, municipalities, the Department of Defense, and local/regional government.

We are committed to safety. We provide routine safety, first aid, and CPR training for field staff and project managers in compliance with all client guidelines and legal policies.