Diaster Response

Goodwin & Associates has had the solemn honor of responding to disaster situations through the United States over the years. Our team of professionals have worked in numerous disaster zones and have provided key cultural resources identification, recordation, and mitigation efforts in the wake of natural disasters. Goodwin & Associates staff worked hand-in-hand with local officials and representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, among others. Our response to Super Storm Sandy is an excellent example of our capabilities. That project, which was funded by the State of Connecticut, resulted in the archaeological survey and assessment of hundreds of acres of land on Connecticut’s shoreline that was affect by the storm, the identification and assessment on a large number of National Register eligible and listed historic district and buildings, an assessment of historic dams throughout Connecticut’s four southern counties to determine the storm’s effect on their stability and historical integrity, and the creation of a GIS database of all cultural resources in New London, Middlesex, New Haven and Fairfield County, as well as the production of brochures, radio shows, and other documents that shared with the public. Our response to disaster situations is beyond comparison.